Preschool Classes

These classes are designed for introducing 3 and 4-year-olds to basic dance movements.  These include but are not limited to hopping, skipping, galloping, jumping and turning.  


As well as these fundamental movements the dancers also learn to follow instructions and take turns while making dancing memories with their peers.


These classes are limited to 10 students so that they do not feel overwhelmed and are able to enjoy the first steps in their dancing journey. We have two classes during the week in school hours, and one class on Saturday morning. 


From age 5 and above we offer a full syllabus of bbodance ballet classes and we also offer Junior Musical Theatre lessons from age 6.   

Price starts from $40.00 per month, for each 30-minute class.

“Dance is a great way to express yourself."

- Darcy Bussell

Preschool Ballet Classes - Important Information

Class Levels

Dance Explorers - for ages 3-4 years
The perfect introduction to dance for your twinkling dancer. Your child will be beaming smiles as they learn some basic movements. We separate the classes into 3 year olds and 4 year olds and have 6 classes throughout the week to choose from.
Intro to Ballet - for ages 4-5 years
Our Intro to Ballet class introduces our dancers to the foundations of classical ballet in a fun and interactive environment. The dancers can sit Internationally recognised examinations annually. Following on from our preschool classes your child can progress to our bbodance Ballet classes or to our Junior Musical Theatre dance lessons.

Uniform & Hair

For the younger students in the Dance Explorers class ballet shoes and outfits are available on request. While these are not necessary the children love dressing up in their special dance clothes. For the Intro to Ballet class our uniform, the pink Chloe dress for girls or pants and t-shirt for boys, is available from PW Dancewear along with the correct ballet shoes. Students' hair must be off the face and secured in a bun (as best as you can). This is to eliminate any unwanted distractions and to allow all students to feel like a dancer.

Parents and Siblings in Class

We welcome parents and siblings in the studio to watch and observe your tiny dancer in class. However, we ask that you keep noise to a minimum to avoid distraction or you may be asked to wait outside. Water is allowed in the studio space but no other drinks or food is allowed. You may go outside the studio to consume this. We have a comfortable seating area for parents just outside the preschool dance studio.


Price starts from $40.00 per month. Price includes one 30 minute class per week for four weeks. Numbers limited to 10 per class.


"From the time my daughter began dancing with Miss Sara, she was always made to feel welcome, supported, and taken an interest in.

Miss Sara takes the time to get to know her students well, helping them to realise their potential, and is a great mentor for teenagers, although equally as amazing with preschoolers!

The school has a very positive, friendly, inclusive, warm atmosphere which is portrayed in both the students, teachers and families. I would recommend Sara Anderson School of Dance to anyone who has a child who loves to dance.”