Ballet Classes

Ballet classes are offered from 5 years, Intro to Ballet, through to Advanced 2 and Adults. 


We study the bbodance ballet syllabus and exams are held in September each year.  Exams are not compulsory, but the syllabus offers great technique and style which helps the students when it comes to performing. 


Once the exams have been sat each year the students will begin learning the new work as well as their dances for the Showcase performance.

We also offer preschool ballet classes and adult ballet classes as well.

“ When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. 

It’s to enjoy each step along the way.”

- Wayne Dryer

Ballet Classes - Important Information

Lifestyle Modifications

For milder cases, your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes:

  • Lose weight
  • Exercise
  • Drink alcohol moderately
  • Quit smoking
  • Use a nasal decongestant or allergy medication to open up nasal passages or sinuses
  • Don't sleep on your back


Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) is a surgical procedure where the surgeon removes excess tissue from the back of the mouth and top of the throat.

  • The goal of surgery for sleep apnea is to remove excess tissue from your nose or throat that may be vibrating and causing you to snore, or that may be blocking your upper air passages and causing sleep apnea.
  • Speak with your doctor about the benefits and risks associated with such a procedure. Many times, the tonsils and adenoids are removed as well.
  • This surgery is performed at the hospital under gender anesthesia. These procedures don't treat obstructive sleep apnea, but they may reduce snoring.
  • Many times, patients still require using positive airway pressure therapies even after surgery. This is an elective procedure not usually covered by insurance.

Oral Device

Oral appliances are available with people with mild or moderate obstructive sleep apnea. These devices are designed to keep your throat open.

  • Another option is wearing a mouthpiece designed to keep your throat open. While positive airway pressure is nearly always an effective treatment, oral appliances are a successful alternative for some patients.
  • Some are designed to open your throat by bringing your jaw forward, which can sometimes relieve snoring and mild obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Others hold your tongue in a different position. If you and your doctor decide to explore this option, you’ll need to see a dentist experienced in dental sleep medicine appliances for the fitting and follow-up therapy.
  • A number of devices are available from your dentist. You may need to try different devices before finding one that works for you.
  • Because oral appliances aren’t as consistently effective as CPAP, close follow-up is needed to ensure successful treatment of sleep apnea.
  • Costs for these devices are not covered by most insurance companies.

Positive Airway Pressure (PAP)

The most effective, least invasive and clinically proven therapy is positive airway pressure. In this treatment, a small machine delivers air pressure from a mask that fits either your nose or mouth while you sleep. This causes the opening of your oral cavity, thus allowing oxygen to flow through.

"As a parent, there is nothing more heart warming than seeing your child's confidence and love of dance grow. Ms Sara has been wonderfully influential in both ways for my daughter”

Dairne Woods

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