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 Encouraging and inspiring our community to dream and believe.

Preschool Classes

Expertly designed to introduce your dancer to basic dance movements. Lots of creativity, imagination and inspiration!


Building the foundations of dance while creating expressive and strong dancers from the age of 5 through to teen. Grade & vocational examinations.

Adult Ballet

Strengthen your mind and body while making friendships in a safe and secure environment.
Come and join us at the barre.


Guiding expressive and creative dancers from age 9 years of age through to advanced level. Providing opportunities for growth and development. 

Jazz Dance

Energetic and inspiring classes building creative dancers through encouraging and inspirational guidance.

Our Philosophy

At Sara Anderson School of Dance, we are passionate about creating a sense of belonging in a harmonious & positive learning environment. 
Through encouraging and positive interactions your child will develop confidence and courage  to assist them in becoming a valued member of the community. 

Our community is encouraged and inspired to believe in their dreams.
"What a wonderful dance school to be a part of.
I love that Sara nourishes the kids love of dance and while the kids are having an amazing time dancing and building strong friendships Sara is teaching them the fundamentals of ballet.
So while my daughter dances, laughs and build confidence she doesn’t even realise the poise and dance skills she is learning because she just has so much fun."
Pamela (Lilian's Mum)

Register your Interest

If you're ready to start your dance journey enquire now & one of our friendly team will be in touch.

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