Hello and welcome to our annual showcase for 2020.  At a time when you are unable to travel, we invite you to join us on a tour around the world.  With our dancers from 3 years to 17 years, Spain to Greece and Japan, and with everything from ballet to Musical Theatre we are bound to take you to somewhere you would love to go.

With our dancers all having worked so hard last term to put together a performance, they were so disappointed when we had to cancel it. It was because of this that I was determined to find an opportunity to offer them the chance to show you all their love of dance. To be able to perform in the beautiful venue of The Piano is special and something that they will remember for a long time.

It has been so exciting welcoming everyone into our new studio and dancing home and I thank you for your support.  The feedback from students and parents has been heart-warming and lovely to hear.  From the joy of having a kitchen and a fridge for food, areas to relax and their own warm up area.

Please sit back and enjoy the adventure and journey you are about to see.

1st Half

Here Comes the Sun

Noemie Baxter, Madelyn Cochrane, Isobel Dempsey, Joanna Hishon, Lillie-Rose Kelly, Heidi Langer, Penny McSorley, Ella-Louise Robinson, Rosalind Robinson, Emma Santa, Emilia Tyson

Summer Holiday

Ayla Bom-Duncan, Alyssa Cochrane, Skylar-Rose Ireland, Sara Jacky, Skye Langer, Alexa Tyson

Greece - Hercules

Sophie Anderson, Maia Crampton, Zoe Lynch, Zahra Omar, Madeleine Simons, Holly Walker

France - Mime

Josie Kennedy, Niamh Wolt

France - Duo

Susanna Parkin, Mikayla Swan

Special Performance - Survivor

Zahra Omar, Emily Robertson, Madeleine Simons, Brianna Taylor-Moore, Holly Walker


Sophie Anderson, Bluebell Barr, Katelyn Beckmann, Maia Crampton, Zoe Lynch, Amy Thomlinson


Jessica Anderson, Willow Barr, Elise Beckett, Annabelle McLaughlin, Evie Shanks, Poppy Shaw, Lillian Smith


Sophie Anderson, Mya Fisher, Zoe Lynch, Daniel Mclaughlin, Zahra Omar, Emily Robertson, Madeleine Simons, Brianna Taylor-Moore, Amy Thomlinson, Holly Walker

2nd Half


Mya Fisher, Zahra Omar, Emily Robertson, Madeleine Simons, Brianna Taylor-Moore


Elise Beckett, Charlotte Eade, Jasmine Eade-Hall, Aidan Henderson, Esme Hurrell, Avigail Marchand, Euphemia Stowell

Cook Islands

Sarah Baxter, Genevieve Flavall, Emeline Henderson, Evelyn Pooch, Josephine Thomas, Lottie Turnbull

New York

Mya Fisher, Zahra Omar, Susanna Parkin, Emily Robertson, Madeleine Simons, Brianna Taylor-Moore, Holly Walker


Jessica Anderson, Georgina Matheson, Lillian Smith, Eleanor Thomas


Sophie Anderson, Maia Crampton, Edie Fisher, Daniel McLaughlin, Amy Thomlinson


Mya Fisher, Zahra Omar, Susanna Parkin, Emily Robertson, Mikayla Swan, Brianna Taylor-Moore, Holly Walker

Welcome Home

Thank You!

Thank you for your continued support of our dance school and for sharing your child’s love of dance with us.

Many people have been working behind the scenes to bring this showcase together and I thank you for your help and support. 

Lighting and Sound – The Piano staff
Stage Manager – Vanessa Robertson
Back Stage – Bronwyn Simons
Ticketing – Steph Haskell
Sewing and Props – Sophie Anderson, Helen Curtis, Janine Judson, Leana Hurrell, Emily and Vanessa Robertson 

All of our dressing room helpers – without you our dancers would not be on stage.

Did you love what you saw today but are not part of our school? Always wanted to dance but are yet to find the right place for you?

Please look around our website and reach out to us so we can help you find the right class.

Location of Dance Studio

62 Orbell Street, Sydenham, Christchurch

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