Leaping Off the Pages


Hello and welcome to our annual showcase for 2021.  What an exciting time we have had creating our “Leaping Off the Pages” production this year. It has been so wonderful watching all our dancers from 3 years to 18 years learning, creating and growing through their roles and characters. 

We are so lucky to be living in our beautiful country and to still be able to gather at times like this and show our support to these amazing people.

I hope you enjoy your entertainment this afternoon and want to invite you to come and join us next year when we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary. 

Please sit back and enjoy the adventure and journey you are about to see.

1st Half


Various artists of Sara Anderson School of Dance

Beauty & the Beast - Be Our Guest

Mya Fisher, Zahra Omar, Susanna Parkin, Emily Robertson, Madeleine Simons, Holly Walker

Beauty & the Beast - Belle

Sara Baxter, Genevieve Flavall, Emeline Henderson, Evelyn Pooch, Josephine Thomas, Lottie Turnbull


Alaska Dey, Anita Fei, Madeline Goss, Joanna Hishon, Ava McKenzie, Rosalind Robinson, Fearn Thomsen

101 Dalmations

Madelyn Cochrane, Aoife Fowler, Millie Jack, Honor Keith, Lillie Rose Kelly, Heidi Langer, Kiyomi Limu-Franklin, Penny McSorley, Aria Olliver, Isobel Sutton

Snow White – Seven Dwarfs +1

Jessica Anderson, Charlotte Eade, Esme Hurrell, Avigail Marchand, Annabelle McLaughlin, Lillian Smith, Eleanor Thomas, Josephine Thomas

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Monroe Dey, Claire He, Joel Hishon, Sophie Kipling, Ivy Scott

Swan Lake

Sophie Baxter, Evelyn Brydon, Violet Chatterton, Harper Chatterton, Eleanor Hughes, Lucy-Jane Lord, Willow Walker

Puss in Boots

Jessica Anderson, Willow Barr, Eva Hunter, Meryn Lindsay, Avigail Marchand, Annabelle McLaughlin, Evie Shanks, Lillian Smith


Alyssa Cochrane, Skye Langer, Alexa Tyson


Sophie Anderson, Katelyn Beckmann, Maia Crampton, Emily Eade, Mya Fisher, Daniel McLaughlin, Zahra Omar, Emily Robertson, Madeleine Simons, Holly Walker

2nd Half

Cats - Jellicle Cats

Sophie Anderson, Katelyn Beckmann, Maia Crampton, Zoe Lynch, Zahra Omar, Daniel McLaughlin, Emily Robertson, Madeleine Simons, Holly Walker

Minnie Mouse

Layla Delore, Maeve Fletcher, Emma Santa, Alijah-Mary Tyson


Charlotte Eade, Jasmine Eade-Hall, Aidan Henderson, Esme Hurrell, Avaigail Marchand, Annabelle McLaughlin

Wizard of Oz - Over the Rainbow

Sophie Anderson, Katelyn Beckmann, Stella Coles-Toki, Zoe Lynch, Daniel McLaughlin, Holly Walker, Cassidy Ward


Skylar-Rose Ireland, Sophie Johnson, Florence Murphy, Rose Stevens, Emilia Tyson

Alice in Wonderland – Queen of Hearts

Zahra Omar, Emily Robertson, Madeleine Simons

Alice in Wonderland – Cards

Sophie Anderson, Stella Coles-Toki, Maia Crampton, Edie Fisher, Josie Kennedy, Daniel McLaughlin, Niamh Wolt


Jessica Anderson, Georgina Matheson, Lillian Smith, Eleanor Thomas

Sleeping Beauty – Carabosse

Zahra Omar

Sleeping Beauty – Bluebird

Susanna Parkin

Sleeping Beauty – White Cat and Puss in Boots

Holly Walker, Emily Robertson

Sleeping Beauty – Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Zahra Omar, Mya Fisher


All students from Sara Anderson School of Dance

Thank You!

Thank you for your continued support of our dance school and for sharing your child’s love of dance with us.

Many people have been working behind the scenes to bring this showcase together and I thank you for your help and support. 

Lighting and Sound – The Piano staff
Stage Manager – Vanessa Robertson
Back Stage – Bronwyn Simons
Website and Ticketing – Steph Haskell
Sewing and Props – Helen Curtis, , Leana Hurrell, Lucy Pooch, Vanessa Robertson, Emma Rudd, Brittany Tyson

All of our dressing room helpers – without you our dancers would not be on stage.


Did you love what you saw today but are not part of our school? Always wanted to dance but are yet to find the right place for you? Please look around our website and reach out to us so we can help you find the right class.